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Ultimate Comic Quiz

Level 3

Looking for Ultimate Comic Quiz cheats, hints, and solutions? Find the answers to level 3 below in this Ultimate Comic Quiz walkthrough.
Puzzle 1Darkseid
Puzzle 2BlackLightning
Puzzle 3GreenArrow
Puzzle 4BigBarda
Puzzle 5CaptainBritain
Puzzle 6BlackPanther
Puzzle 7Batgirl
Puzzle 8Rorschach
Puzzle 9Sinestro
Puzzle 10Storm
Puzzle 11Powergirl
Puzzle 12Zatanna
Puzzle 13Hawkman
Puzzle 14SheHulk
Puzzle 15ScottPilgrim
Puzzle 16Scarecrow
Puzzle 17BlackCanary
Puzzle 18Deathstroke
Puzzle 19WarMachine
Puzzle 20Juggernaut

How many can you name?

Are you ready to put your comic knowledge to the test?

All you have to do is figure out who the pixelated character is!

With over 100+ levels, this quiz will keep you guessing!

DEVELOPER: Peter Gilmour