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Mega Quiz – Free Pop Culture Game

Level Pack 4

Looking for Mega Quiz – Free Pop Culture Game cheats, hints, and solutions? Find all the Level Pack 4 answers below in this Mega Quiz – Free Pop Culture Game walkthrough.
Puzzle 1Mickey Mouse
Puzzle 2Oscar
Puzzle 3Ghostbusters
Puzzle 4Washington
Puzzle 5Einstein
Puzzle 6Subaru
Puzzle 7Dora
Puzzle 8Ice Age
Puzzle 9France
Puzzle 10Johnnie Walker
Puzzle 11Dracula
Puzzle 12Justin Bieber
Puzzle 13Pepsi
Puzzle 14Wall E
Puzzle 15Pinky & The Brain
Puzzle 16AT&T
Puzzle 17Hulk Hogan
Puzzle 18Stuart Little
Puzzle 19Windows
Puzzle 20Fred
Puzzle 21Indiana Jones
Puzzle 22Pinterest
Puzzle 23Homer
Puzzle 24Michael Jordan
Puzzle 25England

Challenge yourself to guess the names of famous people, movies, TV characters, brands, countries and cities. See how many you can recognise!

Over 250 amazing icons with multiple levels of difficulty are waiting for you! Can you handle the challenge of guessing them all?

DEVELOPER: Alexandru Halmagean