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Guess Doodles

Levels 81-100

Looking for Guess Doodles cheats, hints, and solutions? Find the answers to levels 81 to 100 below in this Guess Doodles walkthrough.
Level 81Firefighter
Level 82Gates
Level 83Ukraine
Level 84Schrödinger
Level 85South Africa
Level 86Pythagoras
Level 87Curling
Level 88Amazon
Level 89Columbus
Level 90Italy
Level 91Kalashnikov
Level 92England
Level 93Tesla
Level 94Monte Carlo
Level 95Newton
Level 96Pacman
Level 97Archimedes
Level 98Napoleone
Level 99Magellan
Level 100Nobel

Meet the new trivia game Guess Doodles. It’s sequel of our game Doodle Movies. But this time we’re going to check your knowledge in geography, history, etc.

We’ve made more than 100 pictures. Each of it contains country, city, brand, logo, character or historical person. Are you able to guess all of it?

Some riddles are easy, but some are quite difficult. So you maybe will need to string up your brain. Anyway, if something does hard, you may use additional hint: “Show one letter”, “Delete wrong letters”, or even “Skip the level”, if a riddle revealed to be too hard.

DEVELOPER: Igor Stepanov