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Dirty Birdy - An Evil Minded Rhyme Game

Map 4 - Ancient Ruins

Level 39

Looking for Dirty Birdy – An Evil Minded Rhyme Game cheats, hints, and solutions? Find all of Map 4 – Ancient Ruin’s Level 39 answers below in this Dirty Birdy – An Evil Minded Rhyme Game walkthrough.
Puzzle 1What can’t you do once I get into my full camo hunting suit?
Puzzle 2What is a joke about my sweet dead mother, Gladys?
Puzzle 3How did the cop know I was stoned when he looked at me?
Puzzle 4How does a British person agree with you?
Puzzle 5What happened to Becky over the summer that’s got all the guys talking?
Puzzle 6Where does the prince plant his seed each night?
Puzzle 7What does a penny smell like?
Puzzle 8What did Old MacDonald wear when he went to war?
Puzzle 9What are Lincoln’s most famous words?
Puzzle 10What is a shitty old tampon made out of?

If you’re someone that likes dirty humour with a twisted point of view, then this is the app for you. Dirty Birdie is our fresh new game, and if you like the naughty humour of Evil Apples, then get ready for more of the same!

The challenge here is to find the answer to the dirty question or riddle, but you’ll have to work a little. Use the letters in the word bank to build a two-word rhyming phrase. With hundreds of levels, and more being added all the time, you’ll never run out of fun and dirty rhymes!

Whether you’re going out for drinks or staying in because you don’t have a friend, bring this game along, and the fun will never end!

DEVELOPER: Super Massive Ventures Inc.